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The Title of Beneath Stars Long Extinct

I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the title of Beneath Stars Long Extinct. It seems thinking about light reaching us after leaving distant galaxies hundreds of millions of years ago has resonated with some individuals. It puts things in perspective when you’re depressed about paying another mortgage installment on a house worth less […]

Dick Allen’s Blurb for Beneath Stars Long Extinct

Here’s what poet Dick Allen had to say about Beneath Stars Long Extinct. “I’m really taken with Beneath Stars Long Extinct. I’ve never read poems quite like these: poems at once sardonic and sad and celebratory as they detail a late 20th Century-early 21st Century unmarried male searching for and finding, yes, true love. But […]

Tools of the Trade

William S. Burroughs once pointed out, “Man is a tool-using animal.” He was quick to add that without tools, humans don’t last long. I like tools, especially old tools. I have, for instance, a pair of one-hundred year old wirecutters. They belonged to my grandfather, and I mostly use them when changing guitar strings, and […]